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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beckham in SPCA's newsletter

The SPCA, Selangor has reported Beckham's case as follows:-

Sri Kembangan Labrador : Before & After

This Labrador was reported by a vigilant neighbour, who saw this poor dog lying listlessly in the house compound, suffering from a severe skin problem. The Animal Inspectors found out that the owner of the dog had placed it in the house where they conduct tuition classes in the evenings, instead of having the dog live with them in their home. The inspectors prepared a solution immediately and bathed the dog, and adviced the owner to treat the dogs skin condition. Two weeks later, upon a second visit, the dogs skin condition had improved significantly. However, the owner said that she could not care for the dog anymore as her husband had recently passed away. As a happy ending for the dog, the neighbour who originally made the report agreed to adopt the dog and care for it! SPCA will follow up on Lucky The Lab!

1 comment:

J.E. Bolton said...

I'm sorry. Things happen in life, but I do not feel sorry for the neighbor who caused Beckham's condition to get this bad. I don't care who you are, anyone who would do this to another living creature needs to locked away forever.

Thank goodness wonderful angels in human form rescued this little guy.


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