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Santa, Christmas, Minnie and I
 This blog was started in July 2008. I started this blog as a diary to record Santa's activities with lots of pictures.

When this blog was first created, Santa was already over a year old. Santa came into my life when she first came home in January 2007.

The puppy that changed me
She wasn't mine though. She was my sister, Cindy, and her two boys'. In the beginning, I was just helping out to puppy-sit Santa for my sister. We didn't think it was good to leave a puppy home alone. Though I have always been terrified of dogs, but Santa was so tiny when I first saw her and how could such a tiny creature terrify me!

As I was a homebody, I suggested that Santa be left  with me during the week and goes home with her over the weekend. That was how it has been and how Santa has changed me.


The face that peered out
of the computer screen.
When Santa was just over two years old, we decided to get another doggie for Santa as a playmate. We thought we would adopt so we checked out SPCA and a couple of independent rescuers. We were looking for a small sized dog as I am living in a rather small apartment and any big doggie just won't do. We couldn't find any suitable ones.

Then one day, while surfing the net, I couldn't resist a cute face peering out of the screen. Screamed out to Cindy to have a look and she said "Let's get her!" and we got her! That cute face belongs to Minnie.

I started a blog for Minnie as soon as she came. The blog has been stopped now for reasons as mentioned in the blog. I have not closed it so if you like, you can still visit to view her pictures and to get to know her. You can visit her at

Cindy, Santa and Beckham

Beckham was a rescued dog which Cindy did not plan to keep. You can read all about him here. He is now a family!

When Christmas first came home.
Christmas was given up for adoption when her owner couldn't find time for her anymore. Her owner couldn't leave her at home alone as they were staying in a condo and they have received nasty treatments from neighbours because Christmas barked a lot. Christmas has been debarked because of that.

Christmas came home to us in December 2009. We re-named her "Christmas" as we found her not responding to her name "Pepper". When we called out the name "Christmas", she responded! We picked the name "Christmas" because of her white coat and she came in December. According to her previous owner, Christmas was named "Pepper" as she was born Salt and Pepper.

In the family, Cindy is the "Mummy" and I am their "Aunty Diana". Hope you enjoy reading our blog and the pictures too!


sprinkles said...

I kept thinking one day I would read this page and today I finally took the time to do it. It's nice to know how each of them came into your life.

You left out the puppies though!

Diana Chiew said...

Yes, I have not got to the puppies yet. Thought I would do it one day but....Will definitely do it one day!

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