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Thursday, July 2, 2009

OMG!! We Found Two!!

What does this look like?

Oh no, it's a tick!!

We found two of them on Minnie. One on the inner side of her eyebrow and the other at the back of her right ear.

The tick on its back.

Yuck, what a fat evil tick!

They could have been driven out by the apple cider vinegar.


♥玮倩 said...

Eeeeeeeeeee, i terribly hate these pest! Luckily you manage to find them!

best regards

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Minnie is lucky she had only two...Gramma caught about 10 the other day when she bathed me after the Dog Day. Apparently it was a tick fest there too >.<" I hope I'm tick free by now...I had to get a tick wash done.


SaSa said...

wow, Diana you have a very good camera !!
so clear u captured the little evil!
i m looking forward to buy the apple vinegar for Carrie, cos recently she got a lot 'dot dot'(seem like dried blood or something) on her back, A LOT! i m worry is d skin disease again omg


wa, last time they found a huge 1 nearby my mouth there, the evil...make me keep scratch scratch scratch! hate them!!


Tiramisu said...

yummy yummy

SaSa said...

o no. Tiramisu..u said yummy yummy O_o, nowonder Diana said u r food lover ,kekekeke~

Joy said...

Oh YUCK! At least you got them before they were too gross and filled with gallons of blood! Ticks freak me out.


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