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Friday, July 3, 2009

Celery Day

We get sticks of celery today.

Minnie eats anything. See how she's enjoying herself...

I don't like celery!!

Hey, Minnie, you look like a cow eating grass *hehehe...*

and Minnie, see the mess you have created!!

I better keep out of the way.

Minnie, you are such a messy girl...

and there's a leave on your back!

Yes, yes, there on your back!

Hmph, is that the way to get it off?

You are getting more of it sticking on you that way!

Finally, scraps left by Minnie.


SaSa said...

haha, Santa, celery help for digest! my version was cut and boiled then mix with my kibbles :)

JD and Max said...

Hi Santa - super-cute photos of Minnie! We don't like celery either so we know how you feel, he he he! Tail wags - JD and Max. PS - we're having a heatwave in the UK - it's very rare! It makes us wonder how you two cope in such a warm country? Any tips for keeping cool?

JD and Max said...

Hi Santa and Minnie, thanks for the tips that you left on our blog about keeping cool. Our new shorter haircuts help but - yikes - we hope we don't have to go bald, he he! Our new wooden floor is cooler than the carpet that we used to have - we think we might have to ask our humans about fanning us with a couple of large ostrich feathers 5oo though....well, that's what we have humans for isn't it, he he he! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Tiramisu said...

Wonder my Lex will like it or not.. Any specific amount to be fed?


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