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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Special" Towels

These "special" towels arrived yesterday. It is said to absorb water 7 times better than normal towels and 6 times better than wool towels, and it is 4 times more durable than normal towels.

Of course the pink one is for me and the blue one is for Beckham. What about Minnie? I guess we girls would have to share.

Since today is the day I have my bath, I get to use it first. Yes, indeed, it is super-absorbent. Usually I'll need two towels but with this "special" towel, just one will do.

Hey, Aunty Diana, stop clicking on that camera and finish your job here!

1 comment:

Cookie Pepper and Jessie said...

We are using the Super Absorbent Towel too. This towel do amazing job.


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