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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our "Toilet"

Aunty Diana is tired of our artwork (paw prints) all over the floor and has came out with this idea of placing pieces of non-skid rubber mats on our 'pee' tray.

More pieces of the rubber mats are placed on top of old newspapers for our 'pee' area in the toilet.

And see who is trying it out!

That is what she has left behind where the arrow is pointing at.

Take a closer look...


Tiramisu said...

u bought extra 2 eh? hehe so pee still stucks in between gaps ma?

SaSa said...

wah, seem very interesting :)
they put newspaper under my cage for the 'toilet' purpose, but hor..i REFUSED it!cos i get used to go toilet 3 times a day 7am, 2pm and 7pm at outdoor,kekeke

Carrie :)

Diana said...

Two layers of the rubber mat works well. It's now fantastic, no more paw prints all over the floor and no need to pick up soiled newspapers each time they peed!!


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