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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Way We Live Now

Some of you may be wondering why you don't see much of me and Minnie in the last few posts. Minnie and I have moved to stay with Mummy and Beckham. Minnie, Christmas and I have always been living with Aunty Diana (Mummy's sister). Ever since the puppies came, Christmas and Minnie have not been getting along and have been fighting. Most of the time, Christmas didn't allow Minnie to play with the puppies. As for me, I couldn't stand the puppies, they annoyed me! So Mummy took me and Minnie home where Beckham is. Now Mummy has me, Minnie and Beckham.
Aunty Diana has Christmas, Jingle Bell and Happy. We are all very happy with this arrangement except for Aunty Diana. She said she misses us terribly but we do visit her occasionally. We just did, a couple of days ago.

That is when I tasted the Banana Yoghurt Freeze....

Minnie did too and you can tell, she didn't like it!

Neither do I! So Jingle Bell finished them for us.

But we do like the Chicken Bits Treat though. We didn't have enough of it! Maybe Aunty Diana should make us more of those.

Benny & Lily and Tessa asked if they could borrow Aunty Diana while Oskar asked if Aunty Diana could visit him too. Yes, of course, Aunty Diana could visit all of you provided we go along too!

Sugar has asked what kind of molds did Aunty Diana use. Aunty Diana has used this jelly mold.
Yes, Sprinkles, Aunty Diana said it is fine to use ice cube trays. She just made another batch using ice cube trays.

Before I sign off, I would like to say a special "hello" to my friends, Cookie, Pepper and Jessie. Hope to meet you one day.

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♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Well, it sounds like the new living arrangements are working out well. Sometimes there can be too many alpha females in the pack and things don't work out. Glad to see you have it all figured out. We use ice cube trays for our yogurt treats too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Maggie Mae said...

Happy news dat you has all figured it out!

WOofs and Licks,
MAggie Mae

scotsmad said...

We're happy it all worked out AND now when you visit Aunty Diana, she'll be sooooo happy she'll have lots of treats ready for you!

XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

sprinkles said...

Well, as long as everyone's happy, that's all that matters!

Oskar said...

Oh you are all totally invited. I'm sorry your Aunty is missing you, but maybe it's best for the babies right now & no one wants you to get stressed.

Benny and Lily said...

Hope you guys get to see lots of each other. Those treats look yummE
You guys are adorable
Benny & Lily

the booker man said...

miss santa,
i just know that you and miss minnie will get to visit aunty diana lots 'n lots and then she will give you tons of treatsies cuz she loves you so much! while we're woofin' about treatsies, those nana yogurt pupsicles look super delish!! :)
the booker man

HOPE said...

Oh my how Aunty Diana must miss you...I couldn't stand that!! Not seeing you every single MOMENT!!

Poor Aunty...thinking of you...snuggles from GUS!

But oh what a happy bunch in the right place...soo cute.

Paws UP!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

We think this is a much happier living arrangement for you all if you are not getting along.
Bet Auntie Diana comes to visit you lots!
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

JD and Max said...

Hi girls - oh, and Beckham too!

We're glad that almost all of you are happy with the new arrangements. Poor Aunty Diana! We asked FH and MH if they'd smuggle her back with them the to the UK when they visited but they let us down and didn't do it!!!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Joy said...

I am going to miss Santa and Minnie... Do you think Santa, Minnie, and Beckham could start a blog? Beckham looks like he would agree to anything... very laid back.

Momo and Pinot said...

A happy ending is good!!! ahhhh can we come over and try your Banana Yoghurt Freeze?? :) :)

Thanks so much for your barkday wishes!!

Momo & Pinot


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