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Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Got Groomed!

Today, again, we couldn't go to the park because of the rain! When is the weather going to be good to us?

Since we couldn't go out, mummy decided to groom us.

I'm so tired, I'll just lie down...

Mummy, not too short okay?

Hey, mummy, you are not trimming my nails with that, are you?

While mummy is doing that, Aunty Diana put some lemons and orange peels in a pot of water to be boiled.

And mummy kept scissoring away...

Be careful not to cut my tongue, mummy...

I better keep my tongue in.

Are we done yet, mummy? You are taking such a long time.

I think that's enough!

The water with lemons and orange peels has started boiling. It's going to be used as a final rinse to ward off ticks and fleas and whatever skin problems.

And Minnie is out there waiting for her turn. Let's not keep Minnie waiting for too long, mummy.

What do you think? Has my mummy done a good job here?

Mummy is giving Minnie a clipping...

just around the face...

and the ears.

Now I can see Minnie's eyes!

Eeeeks! What's that on the wall? That's my anal gland juice that mummy cleared from my anal glands.

Are we done yet, mummy?

Will you hurry up, mummy?

Let's not keep Minnie out there waiting too long.

What a wet Minnie!

That's our day today! Hope the weather will be fine next weekend so that we can go to the park. We miss the park!!


Nellie and Calvert said...

Wow Santa, you sure had a tough day of grooming. Our mommy wants to know if the lemon and water helps your skin with any rashes? Nellie gets what is called Schnauzer Bumps; she's taking smelly fishoil pills for her skin! ewwwww

Well you guys looks great and Santa, Calvert thinks you look especially adorable... wink wink....

Nellie & Calvert

Nellie and Calvert said...

Santa... Santa.. Santa... the polls are open for the Ear-resistable contest ( I voted for you at work and Calvert will vote for Minnie at home; only fair...

Nellie & Calvert

HOPE said... look great Santa!

I like being able to see EYES too...kind of scary with all the fur!

I bet you smelled nice and lemony! mmm....

I'll have to tell my mom/person she loves Lemon that close enough?

Paws Up!

Oskar said...

Oh heavens your mom does a great job on both of you!


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