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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Ear"Resistible Contest

Nellie and Calvert informed that there is this contest that their friends, Benny and Lily, are having that we'd be great at. The contest is run by The Munchkin Memoirs. For more details and rules of the contest, please click the contest button below.

contest button:
So, do you think I am "ear"resistible?

If you think I am, do hop over to The Munchkin Memoirs from 21 September to 30 September 2009 to vote for me.

Oh yes, for all those who are "ear"resistible, it'll be fun to enter the contest!


Tiramisu said...

1st to vote :) by september

JD and Max said...

Hi Santa - how lovely of Nellie and Calvert to think of you, what good friends! They're right - you're 'ear-resistible' - we've always thought so!! We've put in our diaries - we'll be there to vote for our favourite, gorgeous-eared girl! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

poronchi said...

Hi Santa :)

You're looking so cute with those ears :D

pochi poronchi

Joy said...

I burst out laughing when I first saw those ears--- okay, I have to admit, she is ear-resistable! Thanks for becoming a follower, Diana! Did you know that Gus' mom took down his blog? (Gus Gazette). Now I am in need of more Schnauzer-schmoozing...

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Those have got to be one of the best sets of ears we have seen, BOL!
Good luck with the contest.
Wags and Kisses
Dinah and Bridget xx

Oskar said...

As soon as I saw about this contest on Nellie & Calverts blog I thought of you. Santa, you do have the best ears ever!


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