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Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Didn't Get To Go To The Park!

Mummy promised to take us to the park again this morning but we couldn't go because it was drizzling the whole morning.

So to make up for that, mummy took us out for a walk (or run) in the evening.

I think Minnie is doing her "business", let's leave her alone...

Minnie, are you done yet? Let's get going!

Mummy, can you leave me to walk on my own just like Minnie?

I'm sure I can walk better than Minnie.

See, Aunty Diana is not holding on to Minnie's leash again!

*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

Found something there, Minnie?

Come on, Minnie, time to go!

Hurry up, time to go home!

Yes, it's getting late, we have to go.

That was a fun walk, wasn't it, Minnie? Hope we can go to the park next week. I prefer the park, don't you Minnie?


Cookie, Pepper & Jessie said...

We love park too but it has been rainy lately. Our mum canceled all trekking session as well.

Oh btw, thanks for the blog award!!

Tiramisu said...

Envy u girls can go to the park... Lex: Owner no use doesnt own a car...

Boon C said...

Very good perspective from the point of view of a dog. Dogs has simple thoughts I suppose..


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