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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Learned from Jason's Blog that owner has been found! Both doggie and owner have been reunited...what a happy ending!! Excerpts from Jason's Blog:

Thanks God, this poor little doggie found her owner this evening. Thanks to all kind hearted who help to spread this news.My friend brought this poor little doggie for the microchip scanning and managed to track the owner of this dog.And the owner of this doggie told that she put the doggie bag and her own bag together in the car, then suddenly someone broke the glasses and grabbed all the bag. This happen yesterday around 12 something near taman Megah. So just precaution, please be aware of this who every lives near by this hot spot.


jason86 said...

thx for your help :)

Jaclyn said...

santa santa!
can u teach me how to create animated gif?
like how u do ?

Diana said...

Oh sure, Jaclyn...just go to and upload 4 pictures. Thereafter, follow the steps accordingly and you're done!

Do email Aunty Diana at if you require further assistance.

Enjoy creating your animated gif!!

- Santa


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