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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Food And Treats

Mummy, what is this?

Another bag of food?

But we have not finished the earlier bag...

Hey, Minnie, what are you doing?

I know, I know, you want to taste it...
*whisper* look at Minnie's tongue, what a greedy girl she is...hehehe...

This is a hypoallergenic formula meant for Minnie as she has been scratching herself. She may be allergic to chicken.

Hope this change in her food will help her.

Minnie gets a bag of treats too for the same reason.

They are in the shape of a bone.

Hmmph...again, we are made to pose for the camera.

Hey, Minnie, come on, sit up!

Minnie thinks that she looks better in that position.

Hey, Aunty Diana, can I move now?

Mummy, can I have one, please?

Minnie, be patient!

How do you like it, Minnie?

Mummy, I don't like it, I prefer my milky stick. Minnie can have it. Just look at her tongue!!

Yes, mummy, you can give it to Minnie, I'm not interested.

Another one? Minnie, you sure are a greedy girl!


JD and Max said...

You two are just too cute! What lovely snaps! And hey, we've never, ever seen a doggie refuse a treat before! You are a very good sister Santa to let Minnie have your treat! Aw, we just love you two! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Tiramisu said...

you were tagged!!! check out my blog.


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