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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

I am honoured to receive this award from JD and Max, two handsome boys from England, UK. Thank you.

In receiving this award, I am supposed to share with you all 10 honest things about me. Here are my 10 honest things:-

1. I love to travel in my mummy’s car and on her lap.

2. I must be rewarded every time after I have done my business.

3. The neighbour’s cats are an annoyance to me.

4. I dislike the daily brushing of my coat.

5. I enjoy a game of hide and seek.

6. I love looking out the window.

7. I will not eat on my own (I rather not eat if I am not hand-feed).

8. I will only eat on my own if I have Beckham for company.

9. My favourite food is chicken.

10. I am afraid of thunder, fireworks and loud noises.

The rules are that you must pass the name and link of the doggie who gave you this award and then you must pass this award onto other blog authors who you want to know a bit more about (7 blogs being the usual number). I would like to pass this award to:-

Cookie, Pepper and Jessie

Stephy, Fatty and Ally

Amos, Boey and Chico

Sushi, Miki and Lexus

Toro and Shiro




Eric said...


JD and Max said...

Hi Santa - we loved reading your 10 honest items, we now know a bit more about you, yipee! We love that you like to be hand-fed, that's cool - we'll eat anyplace, anytime, anywhere, he he he! BUT Max has figured out that if he pretends he's too tired to eat his snacks his male human will hold them for him, ha! He's putty in his paws! Tail wags - JD and Max

sinv said...

Thanks Santa for passing the award to Amos, Boey and Chico. It was amazed that you only eat when your mummy hand feed you ah. hm..Maybe the food not yummy enough?

Santa said...

Sinv, my mummy and aunty Diana cook chicken and mix them with kibbles. What do you think...yummy or not? Just that I don't like to eat alone.

♥玮倩 said...

Congrat on your award! I knew that you love chicken!

best regards


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