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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today is Heartgard Day. I need to take them monthly to prevent heartworm disease.

Two chewable "nuggets".....

....but I am only require to take one per month. They taste good, just like meat!

Thereafter, aunty gave me a bath. Halfway through blow-drying, she made me sit and pose for this picture....

...the camera flash blinded me and I refused to look at the camera.

Done! How do I look? Fluffy and clean? I feel so light as a feather. Aunty made me wait and pose for another picture and I am not looking at the camera no matter how she coaxed me to...not even with my favourite treat in her hand!

She could have taken more pictures and blinded me further with the flash but lucky for me....the camera ran out of battery!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Serves her right for not charging the battery....


Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Wah Santa, you look so cute!!!

Im not staying with Hippo coz Hippo is actually mom's sista doggie. So he is staying in Seremban while me & mom stay in KL. I will only visit him once a week.

slurpy licks,

Santa said...

Just like me, I stayed with my aunt and mummy takes me home only over the weekend.


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